Lint Free Wipes

Certified Low Lint Wipes for Industrial Applications


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A brief introduction


We are the leading professional non-woven wipe suppliers in India. Our manufacturing utilises perfectly synchronized automated production line ensuring topmost quality consistently delivered and flawless selling system enabling us to ensure that the production and marketing functions complement each other.

Some of the top pharmaceutical companies use our products mainly for soft gel polishing. These wipes also find applications in industrial, health and beauty, single-use / multi-use, car industry, medical and healthcare.

How is nonwoven spunlace low lint fabric made?

Product Info

A nonwoven wipe is derived from the process of entangling a web of loose fibres through multiple rows of jets of water at high pressure, this process entangles the fabrics and interlinks the fibres. Interlinking two fabrics in different directions give it isotropic properties, the same strength in any direction.

There are several terms for spunlace nonwoven fabric or spunlaced, such as jet entangled, needled, hydro-entangled or hydraulic, melt-blown, spunlace, low-lint or lint-free wipes.

Quality guaranteed


Certified by INTERCERT – The IAS (USA) accredited Management System Certification Body.

Approved Safety Data Sheet (SDS) According to Regulation (EU).

Animal component-free i.e. does not contain or use in the manufacturing process, any raw material derived from bovine or other animal tissue.

The products are NOT classified as hazardous or coloured.

Food safety approved.